Saturday night

That lonely feeling you get when your guest decides to leave at 11pm and it’s a Saturday night. I wish I was tired enough to sleep it away.

I’m jumping in…

After work I am going to buy a year membership for my Hot Pilates/yoga/barefoot bootcamp/TRX and whatever else they offer place. I bought a groupon that just expired and I really like it…however, for a year its $399.

It chaps my ass that I have to pay that money right away, but in the long run it comes to  $33.25 a month which is really good for unlimited use, right? It’s better than their $50 a month deal.

But I still don’t want to pay $399! #firstworldproblems


I’m loving today….

I’m being my own best friend today and woke up early to make use of my Sunday.

So far….

Put away Christmas decorations and luggage from traveling.

Cleaned my car, inside and out.

Treated myself to coffee

Went to Mass, haven’t done this in awhile…new year, new me?

Grocery shopped, I have food for about two weeks now, I should have no reason to eat out.

Ordering my contacts and possibly glasses today, watch out now!

Might take myself to see The Wolf of Wall Street. I’m the best date ever!

How rude.

These guys are cut-throat. I am attempting to keep up my ”6 Month Guarantee” promise, where I need to have 5 interactions a month for 6 months to get 6 months free.

#1 it’s depressing that I only get on the site to fulfill this goal.

#2 I sent messages to 3 guys (mostly to get my attempts taken care of) but they don’t write me back!!! lol Whatever, they weren’t all that anyways!

#3 Why is it that all the guys are interested in you the first two weeks you sign up and now you’re just old news?


Interesting morning.


This was a message I got on facebook from my first boyfriend ever. I graduated college, moved back to Denver and met him. We had fun for the time, but I was really inexperienced when it came to dating, so I put up with a lot back then.

To this day I realize that he was all sorts of wrong for me. He was addicted to smoking MJ, never wanted to do anything, a TV and p0rn addict, was obsessed with sending me pics of his junk, never clipped his toenails so they looked like talons, and possibly has the smallest wenis I’ve seen (I’m serious, not even trying to be mean here).

I stuck around for months and met his parents and was all about it. He took my virginity and I think that’s why I felt this bond with him. Then he started getting super shitty, I found out that he was dating someone else (I should thank her) and he was throwing it in my face. He would text me trying to get me to come over to his place to hook up with him, etc. We had a pretty big falling out towards the end and we split ways.

He has a kid now with the girl he was throwing in my face, but for the most part his life looks the same as it has since we stopped talking in 2009/2010. I am grateful for where I am right now and know that I had to go through that to be where I am.

Omg, what if it did work out?????? I would have lived with the microsize penis for years!!!!! Also, I have no memories of watching The Hangover with him at his parents cabin…I am pretty sure we stopped talking before that movie came out. Fail.

I’m glad that he did confirm how awesome I am though (even back then), that makes me feel good.



Today feels like a sad day for me. I feel like crying. Hopefully, its just my PMS talking.

I plan to get through it by ace’ing my Spanish Final and going to Acoustic Candlelight Yoga tonight. It doesn’t help that work is a little slow today. Meh.


Ironically, this gif of Big Ang made me laugh outloud in my office.


I’m sitting in the airport in St. Louis, ready to go back to Vegas. I’m excited to finally sleep in my bed and shower in my bathroom. It was good to get away and go back to my “old life,” the life I lived in St. Louis when I was in college. Not much has changed in this city, but it’s been confirmed (for the 29494th time) that I will never live here again.

I love my friends here and will see them soon. Time to go back to the city and life I adore, but I am not looking forward to work on Monday.

Good thing I have a cute boy picking me up from the airport ;)

I’m exhausted…

So I am an Academic Advisor and I work in higher education. This week was registration week for students registering for the Winter and Spring semesters. Talk about an exhausting week. Top it all off, our boss made it a “walk in” week, so everyone and their grandma could come in.

I’m just tired of helpless students, I seriously got an email this morning that said this

"I would like to register for 9 to 12 unit, day classes, for the winter semester from the curriculum you suggested. Please help me with this process."

I don’t make schedules for students, but I do give them the resources to figure it out. But emails like this send me over the edge.

As a result of this week, I have been completely stressed, I grew two canker sores that limits my ability to talk normally…and they fucking suck.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though, I am flying out to St. Louis tomorrow for a week of resting and hanging out with old college friends ( I went to undergrad in St. Louis), oh yeah, I am also attending a face painting and body art convention there. Did I mention I am a face painter on the side? Guess not.

I can’t wait to leave and I can’t wait to refuel and refresh. But I’ve been stressing about cleaning my apartment and packing for tomorrow’s 7am flight.

Ahhhh I have a canker sore because I am stressed. I am stressed because I have a canker sore.



This getting dark at 4:45pm is really fucking up my life. Who wants to go to the gym when its more exciting to go home and watch tv and lay under a blanket >:(

How I torture myself…

Step 1: Go on a clothing website

Step 1: Select everything you want to buy without looking at price

Step 3: See how much it totals

Step 4: Die

Step 5: Close out of website

Whew, my shopping urge is over. Hahaha.